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Daf Original Filters For Euro 6 and 5

Daf Original Filters For Euro 6 and 5

The transport industry is growing day by day. This growth brings with it new needs. With the advancing technology, the expectations for these requirements are increasing.

Scania draws attention with its investments in this field. Developing Scania requires more attention and maintenance with new technology. One of these methods of interest is the use of quality truck spare parts, original and aftermarket products.

Turkey Daf has a very high quality production line for spare parts. is use.

Daf Original Filters For Euro 6 and 5

You can provide genuine filter for your Daf XF105, XF106, CF85 CF86 Oil, air, air dryer cartridge, climate, fuel, steering, adblue systems.


Daf fuel system is very senstive. Genuine fuel filters 2277129 and 2277128 are very important for MX11 and MX13 engine. this filters known as long and short diesel filter for daf original spare parts.

Filters must be of original and aftermarket quality. Piston, ring, liner, main bearing, valve, seal, gasket, oil cooler, water pump, turbo, valve, brake spare parts used for Daf Paccar  engine must be produced and used in the best quality.

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