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Your vehicle is like your home. So that; we understand your needs. When you start your engine, you have to be feel in safe. Your way is long but your time is limited.

One truck has over 10000 parts. One by one ,all of them very important. We know best qulity daf spare parts does not founded easyly. so many brands and so many fabric manufacture and deal spare parts. On the other hand you have to choose the best one.

More than 5 million spare parts are sold worldwide each year. Unfortunately, not every purchase and sale brings happiness to people. 75% of the products sold do not work or deform early. In order to prevent you from suffering in this way, we produce and supply the best quality products and offer them to your service after long trial periods.
In order to understand the quality of service you receive, look at the convenience you will experience in the assembly of the products. Daf spare parts need true experience

CNG Spare Parts;
is answering the requests for spare parts of DAF-SCANIA-VOLVO and RENAULT TRUCKS vehicle groups with our knowledge, experience and young dynamics. We are supplying generator and engine revision parts of marine groups in addition to engine, gearbox, bodywork, air parts, filter components of trailer truck groups.
is offering orginal and other many brands’ parts to domestic and international customers in Istanbul.
is recommending to select the best one for you by diversifying domestic and foreign products according to the standarts and highest quality.
is trying to respond in the accurate, complete and fastest way to your problems with our experience that formed by the accumulation of many years.
is aiming to provide your satisfaction by revising the supply termin and most reasonable price.

Our basic strategies are defining all of our customers at same value, providing the continuity of customer satisfaction and reflecting the sales and after-sales service quality.

For a safe and trouble-free travel, please take care to buy your products from reliable and quality supply points. You can make a decision by comparing the information requested from the stores where you buy products.
At this point, we will give you some ideas to help you.
1- Is it verified with the chassis number while presenting your truck spare part to you?
2- Does it offer you alternative brand options for the product?
3- Does it give you information about the quality and warranty for the brands it offers?
4-Does it explain the price and taxes separately to you?
5-Does the product match the time given for the lead time?

6- Is offer best for you %100

Is the product packaging deformed?
Are the holograms and labels on the product packaging original?
Is the production location suitable?
What are the return conditions for product exchange and eligibility?
If there is a problem in any of these conditions, be sure you will continue to have problems after that.
Please pay attention to the brands you use so that your truck and truck can travel safely and without interruption. Avoid supplies that seem cheap and will cost more later. As a company, we guarantee that we will provide you with sufficient information and companionship on this subject. Daf spare parts are very important for your vehicle.

We know that we are responsible to provide our most comprehensive respond ability to requests and our interest to elimination of problems and deflects quickly by offering technology, corporation and traditional vision together in the best way.

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CNG Auto Spare Parts Co. is determining its position and strategies in a forward targeted and accelerated way. Our company improves stock of daf spare parts day by day.


We are endeavoring to offer a service concept that serves innovation and development without compromising innovative approach and adaptation to automative industry that accelerated with technology .

We are aiming an equipped future ideal that is directed with right price, fast service advantages on most valuable factors such as trust and customer satisfaction. Our aim is only for true daf spare parts

Daf spare parts need high quality producing range. We provide this for you!!!

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